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Elain provides a new digital service that delivers visualization of fuels and emissions for logistics to boost the shift to more sustainable transport, fostering a sustainable future. Our platform automates CO₂ tracking, providing detailed emission data per order, recipient, and carrier.

Beyond estimates and modelled data, our insights are provided based on automatically collected and brand-independent data from vehicles and fuels, empowering informed decisions for effective decarbonization. Elain promotes transparency and collaboration in the supply chain, catering to transport buyers, transporters, TMS, and more. With a commitment to sustainability, Elain’s innovative solutions contribute to a greener and more efficient ecosystem, revolutionizing the way logistics players approach emissions tracking and sustainability reporting.

Meet the team

Co-led by Viet-Anh Pitaval, Head of Business and Strategy, and Viktoria Kindesjö, Head of Product and Operations, the Elain team is a dynamic blend of diverse expertise.

Viktoria, an alumna of the Scania trainee program, cultivated her passion for sustainability during a pivotal rotation in the sustainability department. Her exposure to the challenges of ensuring electric vehicle fleets run on green electricity sparked the vision of comprehensive CO₂ data tracking for the entire ecosystem.

Viet-Anh, a seasoned Senior Venture Builder in the automotive and mobility sector, brings extensive experience in strategic alliances, ecosystem creation, and business strategy. Her role within Elain focuses on scaling the initiative into a robust business and commercializing the solution, addressing challenges and opportunities in automated and quality CO₂ tracking for impactful insights into Scope 3 emission reduction.

Complemented by a robust engineering and development team spanning backend and architecture, front end and UX, and customer onboarding, Elain is well-positioned to drive innovation in sustainable logistics.
Meet the team
Meet the team

Elain’s relationship with Scania

Elain, a dynamic startup incubated in Scania’s Venture Portfolio, is at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainable logistics. Established within the nurturing environment of Scania, a global leader in transport solutions, Elain pioneers a groundbreaking digital service. This innovative offering provides a comprehensive visualization of fuels and emissions in logistics, facilitating a seamless transition to more sustainable transport practices.

As part of Scania’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial qualities, Elain exemplifies the company’s dedication to developing innovative business models for the future of transport. This collaboration underscores Scania’s strategic focus on incubating and supporting ventures that drive positive change in the transport industry, aligning with the broader vision of a sustainable and efficient transport ecosystem.


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