Coredination and Elain driving digitalization and sustainability within the construction segment

Elain is enabling fuel and CO₂ emissions accuracy for construction projects. In collaboration with Coredination, precise CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption reports are seamlessly delivered to the customers running construction projects in the Stockholm area. The customers manage their project transports using Coredination’s platform, with Elain’s connection ensuring the addition of exact CO₂ data to every run. Elain, retrieving fuel consumption directly from vehicles’ telematics, guarantees precision in CO₂ emissions reporting.

“Requirements for reporting environmental impact and fuel consumption are becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. Today, standard calculations are often enough, but we see a future where customers will demand higher precision. Coredination wants to anticipate the requirements by being able to offer software solutions that report actual emissions with data from the vehicles. Our partnership with Elain pioneers precision in fuel and CO₂ emissions tracking to our customers.” comments Folke Lundblad, CEO at Coredination.

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