Viktoria Kindesjö, Head of Product Elain. Fabio Castello, Senior Vice-President of Logistics Scania Viet-Anh Pitaval, Head of Business Elain. Michael Wöckinger,Hoedlmayr, Martin Steinkellner

Driving sustainability in logistics: Elain, Hödlmayr and Scania join forces for a greener future.

Collaborative initiatives and innovative solutions lead way in reducing carbon footprint and boosting cost efficiency across supply chain.
Helping -track emissions from fuel
The agreement also makes great sense for Scania as it strives to meet its ambitious goal of halving its 2016-level CO2 emissions from land transports by 2025.
Growing industry interest in Elain

“This latest customer announcement is a milestone for us. Now we’re seeing good traction for the customer and our business model makes sense, which is great. Elain shows that sustainability can make money while having a positive social, environmental and operating efficiency impact, too,” says Viktoria Kindesjö, Head of Product and Co-Venture Lead at Elain.

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