Navigating Sustainability: Frigoscandia’s Data-Driven Partnership with Elain

Frigoscandia’s Sustainability Endeavor

Frigoscandia’s Commitment to Sustainable Logistics Anders Orwinger, the Vice President of
Business Development & Sustainability at Frigoscandia, underscores the company’s dedication to
sustainability as a crucial aspect of addressing the climate challenge. Frigoscandia intends to
maintain a close collaboration with Elain, focusing on sustainable transport. The partnership
leverages Elain’s software for data-driven insights, providing Frigoscandia with a unique
combination of primary data from vehicles, fuel suppliers, and business systems. This initiative is
a key element in their strategy to reduce the transport CO₂ emissions within their green supply

“Frigoscandia will continue the collaboration with Elain, allowing for data-driven insights for
greener transport that will provide us with a unique combination of primary data from vehicles,
fuel suppliers and business systems in order to get an aggregated picture of our CO₂ emissions.
This will be an important part of how we will use our capacity to achieve maximum reduction of

Elain – A catalyst for sustainability

Frigoscandia’s commitment to a data-driven green transition is evident through the integration of Elain’s software, which supports sustainability in the company’s operations. By providing transaction data on fuel consumption and vehicle units to Elain’s platform, Frigoscandia gains a comprehensive understanding of their transport CO₂ emissions, serving as a crucial element in their journey towards sustainable transport. Elain’s software enables a granular measurement of emissions and fuel consumption, contributing to Frigoscandia’s green logistics goals and providing essential insights for their customers.

A Shared Vision for Green Logistics.

Through Elain’s software, Frigoscandia achieves a comprehensive view of emissions and fuel use across their operations, facilitating informed decision-making for a more sustainable supply chain. The collaboration between Elain and Frigoscandia pioneers the power of data-driven insights.

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