Data transparency to accelerate the green transition: Martin & Servera’s collaboration with Elain

One of Elain’s long-term partner & customer is Martin & Servera, Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist. Martin & Servera is a frontrunner when it comes to sustainable transportation and is continually investing in new types of vehicle technologies. Elain has become a natural partner for Martin & Servera in this transition towards sustainability, providing data and transparency around the emissions from the vehicles. Regardless if the vehicle is powered by diesel, gas, or electricity, Elain provides Martin & Servera with a clear view that their sustainability journey is on track.

“What is unique about Elain is that it enables exact information around fuel consumption amongst many other parameters. Having this information gives us credibility. We see Elain as a tool for internal development but also for transparency around our CO₂ emissions.” Håkan Ekmyr – Strategic logistics planner at Martin & Servera.

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