Navigating Sustainability: Frigoscandia’s Data-Driven Partnership with Elain

Frigoscandia, a leader in temperature-controlled food logistics, strategically joins forces with Elain to steer a transformative journey toward sustainable logistics. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how Frigoscandia tracks and reduces its transport CO₂ emissions, aligning seamlessly with their commitment to a green supply chain and a more sustainable future. Frigoscandia’s Sustainability Endeavor Frigoscandia’s Commitment to […]

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Driving Sustainability: Elain Collaborates with InQuire to Track CO₂ Data in Logistics

Elain has initiated a collaboration with logistics powerhouse InQuire starting with a project together with selected Nordic transporters. This strategic partnership aims to meticulously track and analyze the CO₂- emissions associated with the logistics flows managed by InQuire on behalf of large goods owners and shippers. Transportation is a vital component of modern commerce, but […]

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Data transparency to accelerate the green transition: Martin & Servera’s collaboration with Elain

One of Elain’s long-term partner & customer is Martin & Servera, Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist. Martin & Servera is a frontrunner when it comes to sustainable transportation and is continually investing in new types of vehicle technologies. Elain has become a natural partner for Martin & Servera in this transition towards sustainability, providing […]

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If you’re interested in detailed emissions tracking for all your transports

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