Driving Sustainability: Elain Collaborates with InQuire to Track CO₂ Data in Logistics

Elain has initiated a collaboration with logistics powerhouse InQuire starting with a project together with selected Nordic transporters. This strategic partnership aims to meticulously track and analyze the CO₂- emissions associated with the logistics flows managed by InQuire on behalf of large goods owners and shippers.

Transportation is a vital component of modern commerce, but it also contributes to carbon emissions, making sustainability a pressing concern. Elain’s innovative solution brings a data-driven approach to the forefront, offering a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of transportation activities.

Through this collaboration, InQuire and transport providers are taking proactive steps to measure, monitor, and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. Elain will enable real-time tracking and reporting of CO₂ data for the various transportation routes and operations managed by InQuire.

“This collaboration is part of our commitment to sustainability. By leveraging Elain’s advanced capabilities, we aim to gain valuable insights into our logistics operations and make informed decisions to minimize our environmental impact” says Øystein Rønningen COO at InQuire.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious logistics industry. As Elain continues to pioneer solutions for CO₂ insights in transport, collaborations like these lays the foundation for a more sustainable future.

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